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Curtis B.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Rachel has been so helpful getting my husband's services arranged. I don't have words to express my family's gratitude for her kindness and professionalism during this stressful time. She has definitely gone above and beyond in every way, and we couldn't be more grateful!

Jason E.

Michel's and Lundquist Funeral Home and their staff have truly been amazing (There aren't enough words to describe the courteous, professional and personal attention that our family received, during our hour of need). If you or your family is ever in need of Funeral services, I highly recommend that you contact Michels and Lundquist and ask for Rachel Mayo (Funeral Director). She and the staff there went above and beyond and will take care of your every need.

Theresa D.

My experience with this Funeral Home and especially Rachel Mayo was the most comforting part of a terrible experience. My sister died unexpectedly in FL and I needed to get her back to my state. I had no idea where to begin with this process, I was fortunate enough to have the hospital recommend Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home. Rachel Mayo was my point person and oh my I was in such good hands, she gently guided me through the paper work and her patience with any request was handled graciously. She is smart, compassionate and patient perfect attributes for her profession. She went above and beyond and was a light in a dark tunnel. Thank you again Rachel!!!!!
Kristi Armstrong

Kristi A.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Rachel has been so helpful getting my husband's services arranged. I don't have words to express my family's gratitude for her kindness and professionalism during this stressful time. She has definitely gone above and beyond in every way, and we couldn't be more grateful!

Terri R.

Quickly received pricing information I needed via email without a lengthy phone call or sales pitch. Reasonable pricing. Thank you Scottie!

Emily C.

I want to share my experience. I am from Massachusetts and my brother took his life while visiting family in Florida. I called another funeral home and they just wanted money up front and had us almost signing documents that we were unsure about so after some thought I found this place called Michel & Lundquist called them after 7 pm and got an immediate call back from Rachel Mayo who truly cared for me and my family in this difficult time. I was willing to pay for the services and she advised me to take my flight home and she was in no hurry for the check. She was very honest, and caring. She got everything I asked for and just helped us feel at ease during this difficult time. Staff was very friendly and helpful as well. Definitely recommend this funeral home.

JohnJen N.

Ethan S.

R S.

Rachel at Michels and Lundquist have been a god send to me , I came home to find my husband had passed away. We had made other arrangements but couldn't get a hold of anyone,
Rachel was able to for us. I would advise anyone needing this service to use them. I am forever grateful.

Roger W.

mmalonebhe1 .

Ron M.

When my sister-in-law passed away unexpectedly, me and my family were thrust into this process for the first time. Charlie Webster was my first and only contact with Michels & Lundquist and he was FANTASTIC from start to finish. He was sensitive, understanding and fully explained the process and made things easy for me during a very difficult time. The services were carried out flawlessly and the pricing was very reasonable. I am very thankful for his kind words and conscientious work. I would HIGHLY recommend Michels & Lundquist and Mr. Webster.

Dave R.

Nikki is a funeral director there. She helped my family tremendously in our time of need. From patience with my family as we were grieving and yet needing to make final arrangements to explaining everything in detail. Nikki was very delicate and gentle during the meetings with my mom as it was like she knew my mom was having the hardest time to cope. Very polite, very professional but detailed oriented when going over pricing, what comes with what to provide the most respectful and loving services to our loved one. We appreciate the whole company but nikki stood out and we are very thankful for all she did for us!!!

Jean N.

We recently asked Sarah to care for my dear wife and she did that beyond what I had hoped for. What I did not anticipate was how much she helped my family through a difficult time with understanding and compassion.
The recent challenges of the virus outbreak have been overcome by Sarah and every member of your organization. I would like to thank all of them for the help they have given us with the problems that we have been given.
Sarah is an asset to our community your firm, Michels & Lundquist, and an outstanding representative of your profession.

Chilly T.

stephaney s.

Michels & Lundquist is by far the best funeral home! People want great customer service and they truly get it here. No one wants to have to plan for the inevitable, it's a very emotional and trying process, however at Michels & Lundquist they make the process more bearable, the compassion and care you feel from the team is outstanding! John is great, always so flexible with his schedule to meet your needs. And Sarah! I can't say enough about Sarah! She is by far one of the kindest, compassionate, caring person you will ever meet!!

Michele A.

Gulfside Hospice called me to tell me my Mom had passed and suggested this funeral home. I wasn't in a mental place to 'shop around ' but wish I would have. I was told the cremation would be 1900$. The final bill was $3300. After a week of asking for help of friends and loved ones to help cover the unexpected expense , and going through mental anguish- considering I may not be able to afford my Mom's ashes - I asked and they agreed to do the cremation for 500$. They could have offered this option but didn't which just added to my stress and grief.
After I paid they told me I could not have the ashes when I was going to be in FL to take care of my mom's house ( due to the crematorium being "down'). 2 weeks later I had to call them to find out if they had even done the cremation. They then charged me 200$ to send the ashes to me. The box arrived with 78$ postage on it. Altogether it took a month to get my mom's ashes. Cremation is about $650 in Oregon. I'd hope there's a better place to deal with in Florida but I fear there they try to take advantage of grieving families and get as much as they can. I'm grateful they agreed to do the cremation for $500. But I was told this is standard practice. If you can't afford anything they put the ashes in the 'Potter's Field'. Which was too sad for me to consider. Call a few other places if you're on a tight budget!

Paul K.

My mom passed rather unexpectedly and Rachel and her team were so very gracious and accommodating. They helped us through the process and financial circumstances while always keeping my moms memory and dignity at the forefront. Their approach to helping families first and worrying about financials last is not something most businesses can pull off and actually mean it. If I had to sum up my experience I would say it comes down to two words... Compassion & Integrity.

Danielle C.

Both matriarchs of our 5 living generation family passed a mere 15 days apart. They had been married 77 years and to ease our burden they had all prearrangements made with Michels Lundquist. Even down to the flowers and military tribute. We were so blessed with Rachel and everyone as they treated us all as family. The respect they showed our parents could not have been more if they were their own. Every aspect was taken care of and they were always one step ahead of everything. With each service, they fulfilled our wishes before we could think of them. I can never thank them enough

Amy M.

Jared H.

Wonderful customer service. Rachel is excellent. Very professional and in touch with my needs.

Carmel B.

Sadly, we have needed to utilize the services of Michels & Lundquist twice in the past two months. As new residents of the New Port Richey area, it was comforting to work with such professional, compassionate people. Rachel Mayo lightened our burdens tremendously and we highly recommend Michels & Lundquist for cremation and related services.

Carol K.

The service i received was the best that anyone could ask for, thank you everything you have done for our family.

Thad C.

Impressive place. Quiet and clean. Lou McDermott was very professional. Everything was explained clearly. No pressure. Excellent experience.

Mark H.

My son was 30 years, 6 months and 14 days old when he died March 2020 of H1 N1 influenza after being seen at the New Port Richey ER. His wife died two days later on a ventilator of the same thing. 7 months later I have had time to speak with several professional throughout Pasco County because the handling of my son's death was less than humane. During my phone calls a gentleman from Michaels and Link West Funeral Home & cremation services on Trouble Creek Road in New Port Richey named Drew Johnson spoke with me and Link about my concerns and just really put me in a frame of mind that everything was going to be okay. So while I appreciate that funeral home immensely and do recommend them for anyone who has to go through this death process, I don't wish it on my worst enemy. But Drew was excellent and I also had the opportunity to meet with the director when I picked up my son's ashes and he was Humane compassionate and took the time to let me share some pictures of my son with him.

Arnaldo F.

Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home is absolutely the best. Their care, respect and dignity to my family during the loss of my sister was so reassuring.

Mary K.

Excellent job taking care of my father service! My family really appreciate your service to make everything smooth and easy transition. Thank you again for everything!

Robert F.

Mr. Persel Woods has been providing outstanding service to my family for years. He is thoughtful, sincere and kind in all that he does. He genuinely cares about the needs of your family and it exudes. He takes the time to listen day or night. The loss of a loved one is a difficult burden to bear but with the help of Mr. Woods, that burden is a lot lighter to carry. Thank you for the phone calls, the kind words, and the cards Mr. Woods. Love and kindness goes a long way!! The Little Family

Joyce E.

Michels and Lunquist goes above and beyond!!! When a family member unexpectedly passed away Persel Woods orchestrated every detail with great care.

Marilyn G.

Friendly, caring staff, clean facilities and overall great service. Would highly recommend this funeral home!

Eric L.

Thanks for the caring and kind words of comfort during a service that was attended by your staff member Persel Woods. It was greatly appreciated to receive such professional service.

Steven P.

Mr. Persel Woods was so kind respectful and compassionate. We will never forget that. I also want to thank him again for serving our country. And that is something Mary Jo helped me to do. Always thank our veterans. A lifetime lesson given to me from her. Let me express her thanks to you as well.May GOD bless you and your sir. Mary Brown

Joe B.

Sarah Simkins and Jim Lovell handled the arrangements for my late mother's funeral. We had a larger crowd than expected-- over 400 people-- and they and their staff did a phenomenal job. During my family's time of immense loss, they were caring, competent, kind, and very responsive to the needs of our family and all who attended. They were attentive to details and issues that we never could have foreseen or handled on our own. I would highly recommend Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home.

Abbie L.

This is a beautiful location and the staff is so caring. The customer service and quality of service is terrific. Sarah is fantastic and truly cares about the customers!


Michels and Lundquist team is amazing. Very caring and understanding. Thy are very involved in the community and helpin others. Sarah is a wonderful asset to the company as well as her partner Jim. Thanks for all you do. Greatly appreciate your kind and caring, very professional establishment.

Traci B.

I want to take a few moments to thank michels and lundquist for having such an amazing funeral director as Persel Woods. Once he was called we had nothing else to do except decide what we wanted. He did all of the heavy lifting and for that I want to thank him and the company! It made a really tough situation that much easier and we could really focus on what was most important, family! I now feel like this funeral home is a part of my family. Thank you for al you do and if we ever need services again I know who to call!

Annicia W.

They are very compassionate. Can't speak highly enough about the quality of understanding they take with every family. Sarah is such a wonderful help.

Angela M.

A truly amazing caring Team , Sara is the most kind fun loving spirits for our elderly and staff every where she goes . Beautiful inside and out ! Professional and Compassionate!

Kim H.

Lisha T.

For a funeral home, the accomodations n staff were pleasant

Mitchell P.

The staff at Michel's and Lundquist is top notch. A special mention of Rachel Mayo who took the reigns with her compassion and empathy. She made this process as easy and comfortable as one could make it. Thank you!

Mark M.

Persel has gone above and beyond for my family I can't thank him enough. I would recommend Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home to anyone! thank you again!

Theresa M.

The Staff at Michels & Lundquist is exceptional and very friendly. They have a beautiful facility. Thank you for all you do.

Siaprayer W.

Excellent customer service, Amazing staff and I highly recommend everyone to use them for your funeral needs.

Toni B.

I have met Sara on several occasions and she is nothing shy of amazing!!! She is kind to every resident in the buildings she works in. She knows their names and has a connection with each! I watched her assist staff with a difficult, upset resident and handle is with such compassion that the resident immediately responded to her. Would use this company in a second as I know how my family would be treated.

Cassandra H.

Excellent staff, caring, professional. All our needs and requests were met above and beyond expectations. They honored my dad and his memory in all the planning and his service.

Lauretta W.

Unfortunately we had a death in family recently and we decided to have the services at Michael Lundquist Funeral Home. Persel went above and beyond what we expected with making all the arrangements. Thank you so much for everything you did for my family !!

e j.

Sarah Simkins and John Lovell are two of the most compassionate and caring people I know. Sarah has a real passion for people. She makes you feel like you have been her friend forever! She exemplifies love, caring and genuine concern for EVERYONE she meets. These traits carry over to the way they help people through the hardest time in their lives. Losing a loved one is never easy, but the team at Michels & Lundquist make it less difficult. Thank you ALL for helping people when they need it the most!!

Satoya G.

Best customer service! Rachel and sarah did fantastic at making the process very bearable for us! They took so much of the burden off of my family through losing my father. I will never forget the comfort and help you gave to us! And it shows they take compassion in their jobs and as a person when even after the services are over they called and visited to check in on my family and I multiple times, offered to help in anyway that we would need. I also have worked in the healthcare field for 16 yrs and they are always at our facility reaching out and giving so much to our residents in need. They volunteer their time and compassion towards others so much! You are the BEST! Thank you so much!
Amber Hansberry and family!

Tondreka R.

You can genuinely tell They're here to help and not trying to chase a paycheck. I will forever be greatful for there kindness they showed me though this difficult time.

Erica R.

Mr. Webster was wonderful and so kind given the circumstances.

Jill C.

Sarah gave me sincere compasion after I lost my grandfather two weeks before my birthday. Through all our hard ships and knowing we had financial burdens, she was very adamant about buying me my birthday cake for my 15th birthday. Sara and her team did and excellent job on the servieces for my grandfather. The team and her are all very friendnly. Its good to know there are people in our community who are willing to go over and above when people are in need. Thank you so much !! I will forever be touched by your care and compassion and think of you as a true friend in my eyes.

carolyn k.

Mr. Webster was very professional and caring. Highly recommend.

Steven H.

When mourning the loss of a love one its nothing better than to interact with staff that stands firm in loving on you! Thanks Persel for your patience and kind words!!!

Wise C.

Michels & Lundquist Funeral home is very compassionate and caring when it comes to dealing with family. Sarah is very kind and at my mother in laws funeral a few years back, it was nothing but extraordinary service from all that helped our family through the difficult process-

Jimmy A.

These people are the absolute best. They really truly care about you.
I would (and Do) recommend them to anyone!
Thank you guys!!

Joy M.

My many, many thanks to Persel Woods and the Michels and Lundquist Funeral home. The attention we were shown and the compassion we experienced were truly appreciated. As a Pastor I have dealt with numerous funeral homes. I would recommend Mr. Woods and the Michels and Lundquist funeral home to any in need of services.

Krystal L.

Michels & Lundquist served our family when our Mother passed away. Sarah was the person that I requested to be personally involved when our family found out mom had Parkinson's and would not be with us for long. I personally introduced Sarah to my mother and mom knew Sarah was the one to care for her since she had met her and knew that I had a personal relationship with Sarah as well. Therefore, my siblings agreed to have Michels & Lundquist/SARAH take over the arrangements when my mother passed from this life to heaven. Sarah treated our family with such respect during this difficult time (as well as the staff at Michels & Lundquist). Sarah personally cared for every detail we requested during this time. Anything we asked from Sarah & her team they agreed to. They were very comforting during this sad time. We are so grateful for the dignity and respect given to our beloved Mother and the Bartelt Family.

Nick D.

Elaine L.

Their commitment to making everything personal and caring.

Lucille C.

I absolutely adore all the staff at Michels & lundquist, they are all so caring and kind. They have gone out of their way to help our veterans and residents with awesome field trips and donate our monthly birthday cake! Sarah Simkins, the outreach director is the sweetest most loving person i have ever met, she is so great with our residents and they love her.

Carla F.

Careing ,sensitive, professional

Robert R.

Priscilla S.

Provided excellent family care and service. Would highly recommend this funeral service to family and friends. Thanks for making a difficult time much easier.

Krista B.

Every member of the staff is thoughtful and caring. I appreciate them more than words can express.

Dianne L.

Fabulous facility. Special thanks to Sarah who was professional and wonderful during a difficult time. I would recommend this funeral home to any of my friends and family.

Angelo S.

We were referred by the hospice, since we did not know what to do. Rachel took very good care that my mother in law's last wishes were honored and she provided comfort and support to me and my family. Thank you!

Kourtney G.

Outstanding service and quality is what Mr. Persel Woods and staff provided. He cares and it shows in the details of his work. Thank you for making a difficult situation less stressful.

Jamie K.

Clean facilities, helpful and caring staff, especially Mr. Webster. Thank you for everything. Would highly recommend Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home

Tamara L.

Denise C.

In your time of need the staff here is just amazing!!! They all are so friendly and caring and there for you with anything you might need. Rachel M. is is the person I worked with mostly and she is so compassionate. She will be there for you and help you figure out all the choices that needed in this most difficult time.

Winston W.

I recently traveled to Florida to attend the funeral of a dear relative. It was not an easy trip to make, as I am disabled and travel with my faithful service dog, Whistler. The staff at Michels and Lundquist were so kind and thoughtful and welcomed Whistler and I into their establishment and made sure we were both comfortable. The service was wonderful, so personalized and dear Aunt Glenda looked so beautiful and peaceful.

Michael C.

Just for the record this is Rich Millang: Rachael Mayo was very helpful during a very hard time. Her service was outstanding and the cost was on the low end of all the other funeral homes. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.

Jessica M.

if I could give 10 stars I would ! I am forever grateful for Micheals and Lundquist for getting us through one of the hardest times in my life ! Sarah and her team went above and beyond last year when I lost my brother suddenly. The compassion and professionalism is second to none ! I would highly recommend them to everyone .

Latreesha v.

Michels & Lundquist is more than just a funeral home. They are extremely invested in the West Pasco community. They frequently participate in community sponsored events aimed at raising money to help the residents of West Pasco. They are an incredible resource when it comes to the decisions many families face after losing a family member or friend. They have an incredible staff of caring and compassionate individuals who go out in the community and enrich the lives of seniors who need a reason to smile. Sarah, you are a ROCK STAR!!!!! Thank you for all that you do and for the smiles you put on our resident's faces each and every month without fail.

Janet W.

The service we received through your agent Persel, was a true blessing. He help secure services that made our difficult time much more enduring. The service was top notch and we will definitely recommend Persel and your company to our family and friends.

dan m.

This community is so lucky to have Sarah Simkins. When she walks into our Assisted Livings, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and other Senior Livings She brings with her not only tons of goodies, cakes, ice cream, and much more, she comes with the most genuine smile and positive attitude every single time. No matter what is going on with her day, If she says she is going to be there she gets there no matter what. She is someone you can depend on. We all Love our Sarah!!!

Becca W.

I just would like to say Sarah who works for this organization is a angel on earth. Her compassion is beyond words. With the assistance of Sarah and Her co workers a tragic loss in our family was bearable. Losing a young man to cancer is tremendously heart breaking. This organization took extra care with my daughter and grandchildren s wishes for her husband and father of there children. They came to her home in the middle of the night when he passed , the gentleman handled things as if it was there Family member . Sarah came to our home to assist my daughter. Grief is hard losing anyone is heart breaking and the process could of need too much for us without Sarah and the team she works with. You will be forever in our hearts .

Denise H.

Not knowing where to go & what to do, the medical examiners office referred me to Michels & Lundquist. Scott was comforting, sincere & helpful with direction of what to do next. He didn't turn me away without the funding. He worked with me, assisted me with what I could afford, & took care of my husband. He explained every to me so I was able to understand. Charlie assisted me with memorial cards. He was equally comforting & helpful. I was treated with respect. Not pushed into anything or sales talk. It was all about what my husband wanted. Thank you for making one of my saddest moments alot easier & less stressful to handle. I am grateful for your compassion Scott. Believe Believe me I will not forget the compassion Michels & Lundquist extended to me & my family. Thank you again. I will definitely let anyone who needs your services about Scott with Michels & Lundquist.

Elke S.

Michels & Lunquist Funeral Home has been such a blessing to a nursing facility where I was the Director of Social Services. I had the great pleasure to meet Sarah Simpkins. She is the most compassionate. heart warming women. Sarah showed the residents and staff true meaning of love. Thank you Sarah for all you do.

Debi J.

Absolutely professional in there business with compassion. Highly recommend them to anybody needing there services.

Kathy K.

Professional & caring Persell Woods followed up with returned calls.... very professional

Stacy E.

Compassionate company, top quality. Took care of my grandmother and provided extreme comfort and support to my family! Highly recommended!

Maureen O.

When my grandmother passed I remember Persel Woods treating us with such kindness and professionalism. He made the whole experience make us feel better.

Luke L.

I highly recommend Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home. Mr. Webster was very attentive and caring to my needs.

Rachel S.

Caring and attentive staff who ensure quality is first. Mr Woods is a true asset. My family is well pleased with all services and appreciate Mr Woods genuine care and concern.

Patty T.

Dear Parcel Woods.
I would like to thank you for your service during my families time of bereavement, your kindness and quality of care was appreciated. I would recommend Michels & Lungquist in the future.

Amy C.

The staff was very professional and very helpful in planning arrangements for our loved one thank you

Jennica H.

Sarah does an outstanding job taking care of families and friends in our community!

amber h.

Sarah at Michels & Lundquist always puts a smile on our residents faces. Michels and Lundquist is a great company and truly does everything they can to help. I highly recommend them. Thank you Sarah for all you do for the staff and residents at Orchard Ridge.

Andrea M.

Sarah s an amazing person. She is extremely caring, compassionate and one of the hardest working people I know. She is so loved by everyone in the commnunity. What a blessing it is that you have her.

Robert M.

Our family has entrusted our loved ones with Michels and Lundquist for decades. They never disappoint. Everyone is caring, compassionate and respectful. When my father passed I was mortified but their involvement helped our family celebrate him and his life and we would not exchange the experience for anything.

averey l.

Dear Persel Woods and staff. I would like to thank you for your services during this time of bereavement. Your kindness, generosity and caring were very appreciated by myself and family. I would highly recommend Michels & Lundquist for all your funeral needs.

Kim L.

I lived in New Port Richey for more than 25 years. Michel's & Lundquist handled both my mother & father funeral services and just recent my youngest sister funeral . Michel's & Lundquist should be the only funeral home you trust with you loved ones arrangements.

Bill G.

I've collaborated with many funeral homes during my ministerial career. And you won't find a group of people that conduct themselves with more care, competence, and compassion than John, Sarah, and their staff. They have my highest recommendation.

Tom M.

Every Experience has been Great with Michels & Lundquist.I work for an Assistant Living Facility that Sara Simkins a wonderful Outreach Director she does alot for our Residents,every month they bring in monthly Birthday cake for our Residents to enjoy and we very much appreciate all you do....Not to mention renting a limo for our Residents to have a wonderful and memorable beach Outting....Sara Simkins graciously even helps our activities crew assisting with our restdents....We just appreciate all you do so a big thank you Michels & Lundquist

Stanley F.

Thoughtful careing professional pleasent

Able B.

robert l.

Thank you Jim. You really helped me through one of the hardest times I have ever had to deal with. Losing mama was heart breaking. You really gave my family the help and understanding that we so desperately needed at this difficult time. Thank you to the entire team at Michels & Lundquist!!!

Kathleen S.

Mr.Webster is a truly caring individual. Would definitely recommend Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home.

Heather C.

Hello , I am a administrator of an assisted living facility, I have the opportunity of working side by side with Sarah from Michels and Lundquist. There is no hesitation to recommending them to our families . Michels and Lundquist are Professional and always looking out for the community!

Muriel S.

I attended a viewing of a family member. My family said Mr. Woods was very attentive to thier mother's wishes. Death is never easy. Working with Mr. Woods made it less stressful. Thank you

Krista D.

Sarah and her team helped one of our family members after they had a miserable time with a competitor. They listened and were compassionate. They helped this family through such a difficult time. Highly recommend Sarah and her amazing team !

Melanie P.

Professional service displayed by compassionate staff. Truely grateful to have had Persel Woods help my family through such a difficult time.

Dori .

I greatly appreciated all the help they did for me . i was doing my moms all alone . thank you

Sandra S.

Our family greatly appreciate for your truly beautiful service, especially Charles Webster. He is very professional and caring. I highly recommend Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home to anyone needing such services.Thank you again for a job well done!

Su-ong L.

This funeral home is really awesome the people are really nice it's a very good environment for someone going through such a hard time losing a loved one definitely thinking I will use them if I ever lose a loved one

Shelby L.

Ron H.

Tony R.

My mother passed away Aug 2, 2015
I have have never experienced this I was a mess, my dad was not in any condition to handle this. I have to say when we walked thru the doors a calmness came over us. The staff has so much care, compassion and understanding
Thank you

Shari E.

When my grandmother passed away in '09 Michels & Lundquist did a fantastic job not only with taking care of her, but our family as well. They helped us through the most difficult time of our lives. I love them for what they did. I highly recommend them not only for their kindness & compassion, but their extreme professionalism.

Christine N.

Great caring people! John And Sarah are building on the traditions that Roger and Andy started and served this community with great distinction.

Michael C.

Patty Y.

Stephen C.

The service was excellent from the initial contact and visit to the end of the ceremony

David B.

Professional kind and courteous staff

Maria S.

The attention paid to my needs.

Patrick D.

Very helpful

Lisa B.

Excellent service

Jackie W.

I have nothing to compare this funeral home to--our first time!!

Margaret A.

Beatriz T.

We are out of state and everything was handled over the phone. Great customer service.

Wilfredo B.

Your service is #1

Michael H.

Staff and facilities are amazing

Hilary P.

Very happy

Joseph K.

Connee M.

I truly feel everyone had my husband and family at heart

Patricia P.

It was my first experience at this and they were extremely helpful and kind.

Lawrence P.

From beginning to end very satisfied with your service!

Sally S.

Very polite and understand what i needed

Jason L.

Mark F.

I do not have any complaints. I felt they deserve the best rating

Carol K.

Past and current experience

John K.

Everything was done very professionally and caring.

Janet C.

Extremely understanding

Patti B.

Wendell M.

This was the hardest time in our families life but the experience we had here was amazing

John A.

Rose L.

Friendly reasonable price selection of services and urns assistance.

Richard J.

Because of the superior service provided

Demetrius J.

Every staff person was professional and courteous. They all extended themselves to accommodate our needs. Every promise was fulfilled in a timely manner--follow-through was exceptional. There was absolutely no high pressure selling.

Lois J.

The service we received was given with compassion

C. W.

Moncia C.

Care and attention was wonderful on the other hand I have no other facility to compare it to.

Margaret G.


Leonard U.

Everyone was simply excellent

Mary N.

Staff treated myself and father with the utmost respect thru mom and dad's death

Douglas W.

It was very informative.

Monica S.

Great staff

Arthur M.

Frank W.

You were very friendly professional informative and sympathetic.

Loretta P.

From my initial phone call to the day of internment everyone connected with Michels & Lundquist were kind and caring as well as prompt.

Patricia A.

Staff is wonderful

Linda T.

Carla P.

It's good

Marilyn R.

Have heard only good things about Michels and Lundquist!

Betty G.

I was very satisfied. Job well done. I know I will be taken care of when it's my time.

Mary K.

They followed pre-arrangements to the letter. They walked me through the process and were very comforting at a time when I may not have made the best decisions.

Michael O.

Thomas S.

Persel went out of his way to help us out when we had no idea what to do.

Kevin E.

Barbara J.

Staff very helpful and professional.

Maureen B.

Everything was superior

Barbara C.

Very satisfied with staff

Barbara H.

From start to finish everything went smoothly

Marianne D.

Your staff were kind and considerate

June A.

In our time of sadness staff went beyond expectations.

Bonnie T.

Everything was excellent

Carol A.

You made an extremely difficult situation easier to handle.

Victoria M.

Very satisfied!

Sylvia P.

Mr Woods was very caring and helpful I'll tell people to use you

Cheryl S.

Very pleased with service received.

Barbara A.

M and L also handled my father's funeral and did a great job in 2010

David A.

All staff was very professional and firndly

Mildred R.

Very helpful and accommodating.

Kathryn B.

Everyone was waonedful.

Thomas E.

I know the home from before. Have buried and other family member before in by you and I liked the way it was done.

Arnie D.

Good service in my time of need.

Denise O.

We got respect from staff members and everyone involved

Johannes B.

We had a very good experience under difficult and circumstances.

Gerald P.

Edwin S.

Scottie was very polite and had lots of patience while I struggled to do such a hard things at a hard time.

Susan M.

Very pleased with staff.

Judy K.

We were treated with understanding and kindness.

Ilene P.

Very thankful for making this process so easy

Rachael M.

Rachel Mayo made a very difficult situation peaceful and heart warming

Mary G.

Very helpful and very kind

Marieke M.

Mellita V.

Pleasant experience in such a difficult time

Allison M.

The staff was very nice.

Paul D.

The entire experience was perfect

Anita J.

We received special attention to all our needs

Joyce A.

Total satisfactory experience. Nice place

Dennis K.

Michel's & Lindquist handled my father's interment in 2007. More services were provided (thank you cards guestbook etc.) And the staff handled the life insurance.

Jan K.

Because they did everything they could to make the funeral as nice as possible.

Marlene B.

George M.

Everything went extremely smoothly. They accommodated us with no problem when we wanted to add an extra hour to visitation the day before actual visitation and called us back immediately on Labor Day weekend to handle us needing the extra hour. We loved that the funeral home smelled like fresh baked cookies when we got there for visitation and all the water candy cookies and Kleenex sure did help during a rough time. It just added a special touch that helped lighten the mood. Also when we came in to make arrangements the snacks were nice due to not really having time to stop & think about eating while getting everything arranged. It's the little things that help & your facility did that above and beyond. Thank you.

Chester S.

Superior service

Cheryl A.

I was happy with your staff.

LaVerne D.

Everything was really nice

William C.

This was my first experience with a parent dying. I felt taken care of respected and reassured!

Candice F.

It was made so easy for my sister and I lovely lady took care of us.

Carl H.

Very helpful very satisfied to the max. My family and relative was very impressed.

Evelyn D.

Being from out of state and not knowing the area we feel fortunate to have been connected with M and L Funeral Home.

Sheron B.

Rachel expressed genuine care and was very informative.

Danielle R.

Totally satisfied with one exception-according to sticker and certificate of cremation my mother was cremated on 7/26/18 no one called me I called on 8/7/18 and picked up her remains on 8/8/18

Carol D.

Yvonne G.

I have known Mr Lindquist and Mr Michels for over 40 years. As for Mr Lovell Jim is a very close friend.

Henry E.

George Z.

(Outstanding) Greitcha and primarily due to personnel: Persel.

Robert M.

I found genuine care!

Karen C.

During a time of grieving for our family you made the process as easy as possible for us

Richard C.


Thomas C.

You did everything easy efficient and very professional

Karen G.

Persel Woods did in an outstanding job helping me through this long distance process with my uncle.

Audrey E.

Scott went above and beyond to accommodate us

Darlene S.

Scottie was very good in communicating and responding to questions

June F.

Corinne H.

Scottie went above and beyond to help me figure all of this out! He deserved a BONUS

Michelle R.

The staff was caring compassionate and attentive

Sharon W.

Cleanliness--attention to detail

Keith M.

Very happy with staff.

Karen B.

Brian A.

Persel Woods was a wonderful person

Katie M.

I do not live in the same county as the funeral home. All my dealings were over the phone. They couldn't have been more helpful. Especially when the funeral expense were thought to be paid and had not been paid.

Lynne Z.

Very happy with all you did

Geraldine H.

After hearing stories of 'used car salesmen' this staff was extremely professional and caring.

Robert A.

Victor F.

Rachel was very considerate and knowledgeable

Rosemary B.

Debra E.

Your compassionate staff length of time in community.

Barbara B.

Scott was wonderful and answered all our questions and most of all made us feel comfortable enough to ask them.

Mary B.

Robert F.

For what it was the experience was very pleasant

Diane I.

I was impressed with the service provided in an unused situation

Shane L.

All staff were professional knowledgeable and caring.

James C.

Living in another state only phone called to the funeral parlor

Charlene W.

Professional caring.

Linda A.

Good service

Guillermo I.

Very pleased with facility and especially all of your staff

Lenora M.

It was friendly well kept nice courtesy. We were very pleased.

Jessie L.

You made an unbearable situation bearable

Modesta L.

I was extremely impressed with Ms. Mayo's service and demeanor she was professional kind considerate and accommodating

Christopher T.

George P.

I am extremely pleased with the manner in which Persel Woods handled everything

Raymond P.

Scottie Garcia was excellent in his helping me to make decisions very kind and patient.

Sandra L.

Rachel went out of her way to take care of everything for my father and I'm extremely grateful

Jeannine S.

Very professional

Jeffrery K.

Easy of handling this sensitive situation

Kathleen M.

You made this experience and easy and kind

Joyce M.

Friendly-not over friendly cooperativeness price

Elizabeth B.

Dennis H.

Mr. Persel was such a kind gentlemen all through my visits and conversation. I so appreciated him and all the help he gave me and numerous phone calls.

Margaret Y.

My experience with this Funeral Home and especially Rachel Mayo was the most comforting part of a terrible experience. My sister died unexpectedly in FL and I needed to get her back to my state. I had no idea where to begin with this process, I was fortunate enough to have the hospital recommend Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home. Rachel Mayo was my point person and oh my I was in such good hands, she gently guided me through the paper work and her patience with any request was handled graciously. She is smart, compassionate and patient perfect attributes for her profession. She went above and beyond and was a light in a dark tunnel. Thank you again Rachel!!!!!
Kristi Armstrong

Theresa D.

I was very satisfied

Marian M.

The services promised were very efficient and professional. Seamless process.

David A.

Linda S.

Attached info.

Melvin R.

In a time like this, Scottie made things easy and smooth. Gave us the time needed and no sale pitches and very professional and caring. This was our first time to have to deal with something like this. I felt like he was part of the family cause he had compassion for my loss. Thank you so much!

Kristi A.

Outstanding service.

Bernard F.

We had some unusual circumstances and the people here were very accommodating.

Anna L.

John H.

Our whole family and friends were very pleased with you.

Joanne C.

Well done on time

Cy F.

Dominic D.

Kind and courteous service in our time of need.

Roger N.

I was completely satisfied with how they took care of my brother and our family.

Karen G.

Michels and Lindquist provided caring honest and efficient service to my mother after her passing.

Brian O.

Staff effectiveness

Jemima S.

Provided the needed service on time with short notice

Dennis H.

At a time when we just needed things taken care of in a simple straight-forward way. That is what we got.

James C.

Everyone from start to finish were all very accommodating always treating you as family.

Jean F.

Michel's and Lundquist Funeral Home and their staff have truly been amazing (There aren't enough words to describe the courteous, professional and personal attention that our family received, during our hour of need). If you or your family is ever in need of Funeral services, I highly recommend that you contact Michels and Lundquist and ask for Rachel Mayo (Funeral Director). She and the staff there went above and beyond and will take care of your every need.

Susan K.

James F.

We were treated with utmost care and concern for our grief. They have made the process so much easier to get through.

John J.

You all were very nice and friendly.

Nancy M.

Outstanding all around.

Anthony C.

Received excellent customer service whether when I called and in the funeral home.

Ruth B.

Very pleased with service I received

Janet D.

You met or exceeded expectations.

Thad C.

Very impressed

Margaret L.

Took care of everything

Roger F.

(This rating is based on my experience re: my brother) I have seen a HUGE improvement in their customer service since my dad passed away eight years ago.

Linda S.

Good service

Georgia J.

Michels & Lundquist have served our family and friends many years we've never been disappointed since 1992.

Linda M.

Scottie was just great and took care of everything during a trying time.

Scott D.

Nicki was very patient and attentive even though I had a million questions.

Michael H.

You made the cremation process really easy to understand and super painless for me

Laura O.

Sincere staff helpful quick friendly

Robert J.

Very helpful

Paul W.

Good service nice facility

Lester G.

Very satisfied with service and treatment

Diana W.

All was very good!!

Lawrette S.

Nicki was very patient and genuine with her words of comfort to me.

Suzanne M.

Nothing but the best

Silke T.

James H.

Personal service.

Patricia M.

Leslie M.

Robert H.

I was truly impressed with the care concern appearance of facility and staff overall.

Laura W.

Good value caring staff.

John W.

In the tragic time and confusion they were all considerate clear concise but totally caring.

Sherrie B.

Staff was so caring and understanding I did everything by phone. My family and I stayed with my brother til his passing then we went back to MA

Ann D.

We had an unusual situation. Unattended death of an estranged family member. Scottie could not have been more respectful and kind.

Brenda L.

The service is efficient and timely. Go out of their way to meet your needs we had out of state circumstances and they were helpful in arranging many things

Georganna F.

Rachel and staff went above and beyond with professionalism kindness and courtesy in our hours of need. Thank you!

Theresa M.

We received outstanding compassionate service.

Barbara J.

They took good care of me and my family.

Camille B.

Great attention to deceased and us

Patricia A.

Because everyone was so nice.

Nancy C.

I received excellent service

Terry S.

Everything was excellent funeral director very helpful and knowledgeable.

Claire L.

They were very helpful and went out of their way to help my family and i. this was the first time the funeral home held a Hindu funeral and they were very cooperative and friendly.

Nadia R.

Excellent service and wonderful staff.

Lydia K.

Katie H.

Very pleased

Kathleen M.

Was made to feel I was at the right place.

John T.

The staff was most accommodating and caring to our needs.

James R.

Dealing with my dad dying in Florida and having prearranged in Ohio to be buried with me mom. Such peace of mind to have the same funeral home nearby and take care of everything.

Jan M.

Really pleased.

Richard J.

Very pleased with communication style and attention to detail

Karen D.

Very professional service.

Joseph J.


Ariella V.

Caring and professional

Robin L.

Cindy T.

Because your service was excellent

Richard M.

Anthony T.

Anthony M.

Courteous empathetic willingness to extra step to make process as easy as possible.

Eileen F.

I felt very comfortable trusting you with my loved one. We were very pleased with how Scott handled everything he was very caring and kind.

Donna S.

Persel was very knowledgeable and friendly. He made the arrangements flawless for us being from out of state.

Bobbie B.

Always felt Nicki cared and all arrangements were made from New Jersey but Nicki was there with me.

Janet R.

Attention to detail in handling my needs.

Ted R.

Dany B.

They did an excellent job considering the circumstances with COVID-19.

Karen J.

Very professional. Very soothing atmosphere. Extremely helpful. On time. Upfront and honest and maintained a caring respectful informative appointment.

Mary S.

Everything was handled very well.

Steve O.

Put our family at ease when we experienced an unexpected death.

Laura K.

Facility clean comfortable and welcoming

Isabella M.

I received such outstanding service from Sarah I will recommend her any time someone is in need.

Patricia S.

Simply put ... You deserve a 10+++

Susan C.

Because your staff was very attentive

Agnes L.

It was a good expereince at a difficult time.

Connie S.

Because of staff (kindness professionalism and appearance) excellent

Michael C.

Scottie was incredibly attentive compassionate and extremely professional

Monique T.

Place is big large parking lot friendly and caring staff

Lisa W.

I never expected to have to arrange a funeral and considering the circumstances every went smoothly.

Joanne S.

Broadus K.

I was completely satisfied

Kenneth H.

Colleen S.

Christine K.

Ronda L.

Very satisfying experience

Linda V.

It is an all around excellent funeral home and excellent staff

Theodora D.

Professional efficient caring and attentive

Patricia M.

Robin M.

I was very pleased with all your care

Evelyn C.

It was a very hard day for our family and Nikki was wonderful by the end I felt as if she was a true friend

Theresa M.

Everything was perfect. We arranged for a direct cremation and it was effortless for the family.

Craig M.

This was hard to do because I was doing it for me mom everyone at the funeral home was great and kind. Thanks.

Michelle D.

Totally satisfied with everything

Debi M.

Gloria A.

John F.

On every level the service was above expectation. So grateful for the way my concerns were handled.

Cheryl J.

Mark B.

The service was so above average. One call and I didn't have to worry about anything again.

Mary R.

These situations are always difficult and the staff did all that I expected.

Russell S.

Ronald S.

I think they did an extremely good job and paid attention to detail.

Gary O.

Furnish two original death certificates.

Robert F.

Ann H.


Bruce C.

Everything went as well as I could have expected.

Alexandra D.

Maxine B.

Everyone was very helpful and courteous.

Franklin H.

Wonderful caring staff!

Connie P.

It all was to my satisfaction

Donna M.

Because everyone there is very nice helpful and sympathetic.

Emili G.

Rita S.


Ellen L.

Staff was caring and friendly.

Karla O.

Jennifer K.

Staff did a great job and were extremely kind and took care of all us.

Claudia B.

Scott my initial contact was extremely helpful and did not turn me away when I was over indigencey. He said we would never turn someone away.

Krista D.

Your company went above and beyond to help with National Cemetery rules/regulations

Stephen S.

Very lovely staff.

Jill C.

Jeremy L.

Very caring and peaceful surrounding

Terry W.

Rachel Mayo a member of the staff greeted me with a smile and stayed with me though out the entire process from making the initial arrangements clear to the cemetery. Everything that I asked for was done to perfection. Not one detail was missed. The limo arrived on time as planned. The driver was fantastic. The Ushers were just great. I wanted my deceased husband to have the grand veteran funeral because he was a hero and he was my hero. Because of Rachel's detailed planning my husband got just that a hero's funeral. I will miss him dearly. Thank you Rachael and the entire staff of Michel's and Lunquist funeral home.

Mary A.

All staff were very helpful and professional

Cyndi W.

During such a sad time I felt we were treated with warmth and kindness.

Regina C.

Joan J.

Kind friendly caring

Michael M.

You're the best at what you do!!

Roger E.

Susan C.

GeorgeAnn M.


Siretta C.

You're the best. You made it easy!

Rosemary S.

Allen J.

Excellent service didn't like the way my mom's mouth was arranged but otherwise outstanding.

Julie R.

Outstanding staff and accommodations

Edward S.

Judith S.

Excellent professional caring.

Raymond H.

If I lived closer it would be a 5

Melissa G.

Rhonda C.

Rachel was my director. She was so caring and patient. I’ve never had to arrange services and was very overwhelmed. She put me at ease immediately. We were very pleased with our service.

Lisa M.

The person I dealt with was helpful friendly organized and everything was done quickly which I appreciated.

David S.

Family told this was for indigent people. We expected a terrible place. This was heaven - facility lovely staff amazing overall A+++

Kit B.

Because the staff and service really showed professionalism

Ursula E.

Lynwood R.

Everyone was professional always thinking of the needs of the family

Kim W.

Very professional

Glenden W.

Michels & Lundquist Funeral home staff are all very friendly and I felt very comfortable. The staff were all wonderful and made you feel you aren't alone making the decisions. Very helpful staff. The service was very nice. How the staff arrange the flowers the viewing time the pictures displays and the military service was very impressive.

Shigeko P.

The experience was better and easier than I expected during a difficult time.

Brad G.

Was a very nice experience in a very trying time

Lisa A.

Roberta N.

I was very impressed with Rachel there was no pressure at all. My family was very satisfied.

Chester T.

Friendly professional good service

Donna P.

Brittany was extremely caring and professional

Nola J.

Because Scott was very helpful. He didn't try to get me to buy anything that I didn't want. He stayed true to what my mom wanted.

Annette B.

Was very pleased

James R.

Ratings earn

Paul H.

Bette L.

Friendly staff especially during these difficult times. Compassionate professional efficient...excellent service!

Roseann P.

Everything was very good

Michelle E.

Have been happy all three times this facility has been used for family services

Thomas M.

Rachel Mayo was awesome to deal with

Daniel C.

Friendly caring.

Gary M.

Staff was knowledgeable professional and compassionate to our needs.

David D.

Honestly Sarah makes us feel very comfortable and at ease.

Joanne R.

Death is always difficult but my mom had the added situation of passing away in NY and having to be shipped to Florida

Karen M.

We are very pleased with everything. You got us through a difficult time.

Benjamin M.

Very professional.

Susan S.

I cannot say enough about Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home. We have had several family members at their facility and have been impressed with both their compassion and professionalism. We were fortunate in that my Mom had prearranged her wishes which made everything quite easy and seamless.

Anita C.

They all went above and beyond what was required

Anthony M.

In this situation the services were exceptional.

David P.

Superior service top to bottom.

Michael M.

Paul P.

Nora R.

Caring and attentive

Brian M.

Easy to work with.

Alexandra P.

Very courteous compassionate and professional

Edna H.

Staff made the whole process easier to handle emotionally wise. Very helpufl and informative liked Persel's personality easy to talk to.

George J.

Susan B.

The overall experience was excellent. It was very organized and all of the staff were very attentive to details.

Michael P.

Very satisfied with service and the treatment given by Rachel

Joan D.

Very professional in all areas

Barbara M.

Amy J.

the services were very professional

Ronald P.

Laura S.

You guys when above and beyond and the funeral home was beautiful perfect for our loved one we were saying goodbye to and honoring.

Evelia P.

Excellent in all categories.

Karen W.

My first home was not helpful & only concerned about money. I felt your staff were kind approachable and very helpful

Debbie Y.

Everything was a very good experience

Kerry B.

You deserve it.

Robert B.

You were the best.

Becky B.

Professionalism and dignity maintained throughout

Mary K.

Penelope S.

Very professional

Henry B.


Rose M.

Went out of their way to accommodate us

Elizabeth A.

I believe you have improved tremendously from our last experience in 2013

Fernando M.

Scott B.

Rachel was so organized and helpful

Beverly L.

Good service

June S.

Rachel-was very kind and caring

James P.

Susan A.

Michels and Lundquist is a superior funeral home with wonderful compassionate people!!

Sandra G.

Michels and Lundquist has always given my family exceptional service. This situation was different because my aunt was cremated and sent to me in North Carolina for a service.

Karen G.

Barry C.

Bette L.

Scott went above and beyond

Albert L.

You earned it. Excellent service.

Gary A.

You explained in details

Leah M.

Understandably this is a very difficult time. Percy was patient and understanding

Christine L.

Understanding and professional staff. Comfortable atmosphere. Made to feel welcome. Attention to my needs and details was superior.

Karen S.

Janet I.

We are very satisfied with everything.

Keith B.

Rosetta J.

Was pleased with services rendered.

Richard P.

Thomas J.

Was friendly from the first call. Very professional kind and clean building

Ursula H.

From start to finish all staff were professional in every step of the way.

Robert W.

John M.

Sharon K.

Mr. Persel was very helpful to me and he helped me way beyond what everyone in his position should have.

Marc D.

The respectful and caring staff was wonderful. Out of town relatives and friends voiced their compliments to me.

Jeanne B.

Excellent facility staff vehicles we have used M and L for both dad and mom very attentive Persal Woods was very kind.

Norman L.

Barbara J.

Because it was a positive experience of a difficult time

Phyllis J.

Very well done and everything goes smoothly

Elsie A.

Michelle S.

Patti B.

There were a few glitches but in the end it was all resolved.

Lana W.

Miriam M.

The rating is not given lightly. Excellence must be rated when excellence is earned.

Patricia E.

All was good.

William B.

Very understanding group and accommodating

George M.

You deserved it very very pleased

Patricia H.

Past experience...still great!

Judy M.

Sarah Simkins is remarkable! I am so thankful that she picked up the phone the first time I needed the funeral home services. Sarah made a very difficult time much easier to streamline. I recently needed the funeral homes service again my Mother passed away and I reached out to Sarah again and she was able to help my family through a very emotional time. I live out of state and I was able to get back on a plane to go home knowing everything was taken care of because of the extraordinary service Sarah provided. Thank you Kimberlee Wright

Kimberlee W.

Joyce M.

Mrs. Mayo was amazing. Very thorough and kind. Explained all the options and was very supportive and helping. The room we held the service in was set up wonderfully. Everything was done so professionally.

Jonathan E.

Everyone exceptional dealt with Rachel mostly.

Yvonne G.

William J.

Everyone at your facility was very professional and attentive to our family's needs

Robert D.

Rachel and all staff were amazing to work with through out the process.

Shannon B.

They very accomodating my arranger Cory Fogle listen to me talk about my husband and provided plenty of tissues.

Melissa O.

Walter J.

Kendra A.

Daniel G.

They covered all the bases and I wanted for nothing

Karen G.

Greitcha was awesome the team was on call the evening dad passed and we got his ashes on Thanksgiving.

Karen B.

Rachels expertise and was highly caring

Daniel F.

Because it's true over and beyond courtesy and expectation

Anthony M.

Susan J.

Very professional and accommodating staff who were friendly and knowledgeable.

Christine L.

Excellent Service

Valerie W.

Jessie S.


Loleta C.

Everything was wonderful

Vito M.

Kathleen F.

We received excellent helpful and knowledgeable person to death with (Nicki).

David G.

Jeanne M.

Celia J.

Great service friendly and efficient staff

Angelett N.

Diana C.

Beautiful facility. Everything was first class from the first time we met Scottie.

Patricia M.

Used you before

Harry C.

Diane C.

I was very happy with the staff and everything handled so well due to me in AL and you in FL. Handled by phone

Ruby D.

My family and I were treated with courtesy and professionalism. I understand because of Covid why the initial greeting may have been reserved

Eric B.

Matt C.

We were well taken care of

Barbara A.

From the start of phone call was nothing but sincerity and helpfulness.

Brandie L.

I was very satisfied with every aspect of the process

Elizabeth C.

We had no issues with the service received or the communication of the providers.

Andrew G.

Nikki was always available – kind courteous and thoughtful. My contact was all by phone! She walked me through all the paperwork

Anne S.

All services rendered in the most helpful and heartfelt manner being the burden of a difficult time with two family members

Gaetano S.

Nancy K.

I felt cared for

Mary L.

We received exceptional care with my Grandmother and it was a given we would use this entity for my Aunt. They show such compassion and it's a rarity these days. I am forever grateful for their services and professionalism. Just to prove a point => My neighbor has a funeral home and I would never use or recommend his service. Have a blessed day.

Kimberly D.

Excellent service/very nice people

Gerald E.

Everybody was so helpful understanding and professional.

Truman L.

The process of both my dad... and my mom ... went very smoothly.

Maureen M.

you deserve it

Judith L.

Outstanding customer service

Renee M.

I rated this way because I had excellent service with this funeral home. They handled my situation with care and respect and they listened and understood all my needs. I felt absolutely no pressure and I'm so thankful for their help during this very difficult time.

Sarah K.

The way my entire family was treated from start to finish

Marilyn H.

Your firm has a lot of experience and it shows. This was my first funeral but your firm helped the process go smoothly

Jenna R.

Your staff was very kind and knowledgeable throughout the funeral process

Paul A.

Can't imagine any place better

Brian M.

We liked the way they treated us

Sandra C.

Mom received the services she deserved. We were treated kindly attentively and the overall service was superb

Maximino R.

Because it's all true.

Janet L.

Everything went better-than-expected! I felt like I could completely rely upon the funeral home to be my right hand when I really needed it

Colleen T.

I've been through this experience several times in my life. Never found a funeral home so involved and caring as the team I dealt with.

Alexia C.

Your staff guided us through a difficult time with kindness compassion and professionalism

Patrick T.

Because they were very good at explaining and very good at telling me all the information

Brenda K.

Kelly L.

It was seamless service & very nice people got the job done

Carl H.

because it's how I feel.

Susan G.

Very professional accommodating.

Dolores H.

Excellent service

Robert H.

Your staff is outstanding!

Amedeo A.

Mira G.

Professionalism service patience

Jenny L.

Karen K.

We dealt with two funeral homes and the experience with Nicki and the entire staff was the most comforting experience

Carmella B.

Maria P.

Your staff and facility are very nice

Dorothy D.

Steven B.

Kind staff in a difficult situation which was unexpected

Kathryn J.


Lorraine F.

Good service

Edward G.

Richard F.

Excellent service from Scottie Garcia

Gloria G.

Mickey P.

Very satisfied

Alice W.

Everyone was caring and considerate of our needs. All details were attended too

Michele S.

Found your funeral home to be very friendly and caring

Mary-Anne V.

Syeda B.

Quick response – kindness – gentle handling of my husband's body

Joann B.

Thank you to everyone working there. Very special thanks to Rachel Mayo she is a wonderful person. Rachel Mayo was so caring and understanding. Rachel made it a little less painful

Arlene P.

Everything was exceptional staff awesome our arranger Scottie Garcia was amazing

Barbara A.

We couldn't be more pleased with the services and overall feeling of the facility. Thank you all so much.

Bryan C.

Your staff went beyond professional service to me

Etwariah B.

Good job

Samuel S.

Scotty Garcia and staff went out of their way to take great care of my mother. They were very caring and true professionals.

Christopher A.

Extreme professionalism over the phone

John H.

When we came to see them about my son they were so very nice and made you feel good and so I returned with my husband's crem

Elizabeth B.

My husband and I made our arrangements with you. My husband passed away in 2013. I was pleased with how you handled his service

Joyce P.

Clean friendly personable attentive

Christina S.

All my needs were met all my questions answered. A big burden was made light – thank you

Jacqueline K.

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