John Hinckley

Funeral Director

John Hinckley graduated from the Lincoln College of New England with an associate’s degree in mortuary science, and has worked in the funeral industry since 2009. John also has a degree in radio and television broadcasting. He volunteered at Regional Hospice in Danbury before becoming a licensed funeral director and embalmer in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. In January of 2023, John relocated to Florida to be closer to family.

John lives in Spring Hill with his wife Donna and their dachshund Gary. When he isn’t working or fixing things, John enjoys traveling, reading, playing bass, audio/video editing, watching movies, playing pool and going to the gym. John is close to obtaining his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, and will enroll in the Master’s of Science in Psychology program immediately thereafter. He is dedicated to serve the community of Pasco County.